Neighborhood Networking:
Connecting the community to make a big county feel small.
Fulton County Board of Education members representing Roswell, Julia Bernath and Katha Stuart,
Roswell Mayor Henry, Roswell City Council Members, city leaders, school district staff, and local Roswell
school principals.

Roswell Neighborhood Networking Event Flyer
This opportunity will provide a time for networking and connection between Roswell city and school
leadership. Each principal will be introduced, providing a bit of information about each school.
Also, school district staff will introduce themselves and briefly describe their roles. City of Roswell
leaders will have an opportunity to introduce themselves and describe their roles within the city
August 29th at 4:30 pm
Centennial High School, 9310 Scott Road, Roswell
We believe this event will build a supportive,caring environment for all students and schools, enriching the entire Roswell community.
See you there!