School Governance Council Overview

Centennial High School SGC Seeks New Request for Flexibility to Reduce Milestones Testing Window and Renew Three Existing Requests for Flexibility


The Centennial School Governance Council is seeking to implement a new Request for Flexibility (RFF). RFFs address the needs of Centennial students through waivers of state laws and/or district policies to implement our school’s strategic plan.  Centennial’s three current RFFs permit our students to personalize their education by allowing them more opportunities.  We are seeking a Fourth RFF to allow for less disruption and greater focus for our students during Spring Milestones End of Course (EOC) Testing. This RFF would

  • Reduce number of Milestones testing days from 10 to 4 or 5 resulting in less missed or disrupted instructional time;
  • Require students with a Milestones EOC to arrive at the normal bell time on testing days; all other students would be required to report after an approximately 3 hour delay;
  • Provide a second bus run for students without a Milestones EOC.


With Centennial’s new Strategic Plan, all RFFs  currently in place must be renewed. These renewal requests, if approved by the Superintendent, will continue to address the needs of Centennial students through waivers of state laws and/or district policies to implement our school’s strategic plan.  Centennial SGC is seeking renewal of the following RFF proposals:


  • Personal Fitness Waiver – allows students involved in varsity sports, junior varsity sports, JROTC, other approved sports, and/or marching band to earn a Personal Fitness credit.
  • Internship/Work-Study Waiver – allows all students access to the opportunity for work-based study.
  • Virtual/On-line Learning and Study Skills Waiver – allows students to earn a Study Skills credit while completing credit recovery courses during school day.

As part of the RFF process (both new and renewal), we need to obtain comment from the public (our school community) for at least 30 days.  Starting November 5, 2018, you may submit your comments and/or questions via:


  • Public Comment Box – can be found in the Front Office
  • CHS Request for Flexibility Survey
  • Public Comment Meeting – Wednesday, November 28, 2018 6:30-7:30 p.m. in the CHS Media Center Conference Room.  Speakers will each be allotted 2 minutes and will present in the order in which they signed up.
  • Email Council Members – please see addresses below


We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you!


The purpose of the School Governance Council (SGC) is to provide parents, school staff, students, and community members with a leadership role in the management of the strategic direction of our school in its academic mission. The council has five main responsibilities:

  • Develop and approve the school strategic plan and updates
  • Approve the annual budget and annual resource allocations
  • Apply for and manage the Request for Flexibility process
  • Participate in hiring the principal (in the case of a vacancy)
  • Provide annual feedback on principal performance.

The School Governance Council is a governing body that is representative of the community and the school, but operates under the control and management of the Board of Education.  One of our most important goals is to ensure that we serve our school community effectively.  There are two main committees that provide support within the SGC.

Budget and Finance Committee

This committee will coordinate the council’s efforts to approve the annual school budget, review revenues and expenditures, and assist with acquiring community resources for the school.

Outreach and Communications Committee

This committee is tasked with keeping the community informed on the progress of our strategic plan, budget, and all requests for flexibility. In addition, the committee will seek community input for all flexibility requests and relay community feedback to the committee.

If you have any questions regarding the School Governance Council at Centennial High School, please access this link and send us your questions.

Meeting Dates & Locations

The CHS School Governance Council is subject to the Open Meetings Act and meetings are open to the community. All meetings will take place at 7:30a.m. in the Learning Commons Conference Room.










2018-2019 Members

Dr. Anthony Newbold

Diane Jacobi – Parent (term ends 6/30/2019)

Zachary Kroll – Teacher (term ends 6/30/2019)

Kristin SharpeParent (term ends 6/30/2019)

Tonya Smith – Parent Member (term ends 6/30/2030)
Tyler Ehrlich – Elected Teacher (term ends 6/30/2020)
Linda Jones – Appointed Teacher (term ends 6/30/2020)
Kim Novak – Appointed Teacher (term ends 6/30/2019)
Lee Jenkins – Community Member (term ends 6/30/2020)
David Smith – Community Member (term ends 6/30/2019)
Malachi Cleveland– Student Member (term ends 6/30/2019)
Parker Foles– Student Member (term ends 6/30/2019)
Brenda Moncada– Student Member (term ends 6/30/2019)



Agendas, Meeting Summaries & Minutes

August 2, 2018  (Agenda)( Minutes) (Meeting Summary)

September 6th in the Learning Commons (Agenda)(Minutes) (Meeting Summary)

October 4th in the Learning Commons ( Agenda) ( Minutes) (Meeting Summary)

November 1st in the Learning Commons ( Agenda ) (Minutes) (Meeting Summary)

November 28th in the Learning Commons (Agenda )( Minutes) (Meeting Summary)

December 6th in the Learning Commons (Agenda) (Minutes) (Meeting Summary)

January 10th in the Learning Commons (Agenda) (Minutes) (Meeting Summary)


For archives of prior years meeting agendas, minutes, and summaries, please click here.


School Governance Council Handbook

Fulton County Charter System

Centennial High School Strategic Plan 2018-2022

Milestones Testing Window Waiver – Application

Strategic Plan Archives


* Three Existing Requests for Flexibility:

Internship Waiver

Seat Time Waiver

Personal Fitness Waiver

* Requests for flexibility allow our local school to request exemptions from certain Fulton County or state rules. This process provides our school with the opportunity to tailor our students’ education.