Dear Centennial Senior Students and Parents/Guardians,

It is our pleasure to inform you that our school was approved 2 years ago to award the International Skills Diploma Seal to qualifying seniors.

Why this Diploma Seal?

According to the Georgia Department of Education, who is awarding the ISDS, they believe that in today’s global marketplace, it is important for students to acquire the interdisciplinary skills they need to be globally competent and competitive. The International Skills Diploma Seal is awarded to graduating high school students who complete an international education curriculum and engage in extracurricular activities and experiences that foster the achievement of global competencies. It is a signal to employers and higher education institutions that a student is prepared to participate in the global economy.

You can review the complete information about the International Skills Diploma Seal at:

If you are a senior who is interested in pursuing this Diploma Seal, please complete the intent form (attached) and submit it to Dr. Glymph by February 1st, 2018 in the AP Office. You can also obtain this form and turn it in to one of the World Language Teachers. Then all coursework credits will be verified by the counselors. Once records are verified, students will be notified and invited to attend the informational meeting about the Capstone Presentation.

The Capstone Presentation is a student reflection on his/her cross-cultural experiences, learned international skills, and competencies. Students will have a choice for the presentation format (video, presentation, performance, journal reading). The Capstone Presentation will take place on March 15th, 2018 in front of the International Skills Diploma Seal Committee.

A list of the final International Skills Diploma Seal Candidates will be submitted to the GA DOE in April of 2018. Awarded International Skills Diploma Seals will be distributed during Centennial High School Graduation Ceremony.



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