Mrs. Howard did an incredible job at the Regional One Act Competition performing DOUBT, a parable earning 2nd place Overall. Daniel Sandfelder brought home the award for Best Actor & Aria Person-Ramey earning Best Supporting Actress. Chloe Dobbs & Marianne Lamarche were also named to the All Star Cast!

The productions of the Regional One Act Play Contest are rated by 3 impartial judges.  Some of the categories that are used to rate the productions are:  ensemble work, listening and response, individual characterization, vocal interpretation, movement, overall effect, composition and picturization, rhythm  and tempo.  We received an overall score of second.   The All Star Cast is made up of actors from each production.  Marianne Lamarche and Chloe Dobbs received this award.    The Best Supporting Actress award is given by the judges to the one outstanding supporting actress from all of the productions.  Aria Person-Ramey won that award.  The Best Actor award is given by the judges to the single outstanding performance of an actor from all of the productions.  This was given to Daniel Sandfelder.


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